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CX9000-1101110 - 1 pen,  counter clockwise (ccw), w/ display

The CX9000 is a 10-inch circular chart recorder that allows input type, input range and chart speed to be customized and field changeable. A unique "set-up" chart eliminates the need for multiple arrays of DIP switches to configure the recorder and self-documents how the recorder is configured.

The CX9000 series allows for either standard (counterclockwise) or clockwise rotation. All CoBex 10-inch charts work with the counterclockwise rotation. (Please note that CoBex does not currently offer charts with clock-wise rotation) 

Includes two Set-up Charts with each order; standard charts must be ordered separately.

 CoBex CX9000 Part Numbering System (Visual instructions)

** Please be advised that the assembly of a customized recorder can take up to 5 business days to create. Recorders that are instock are generally shipped within 2-3 business days. You will receive an email to confirm the estimated ship date.

  • 1 Pen ccw w/o display
  • Power Input = 1
  • Recordering Style = 1
  • Outputs = 0
  • Display Options = 1
  • Chart options = 1
  • Enclosure Options = 1
  • Special Options = 0

Base Price: $ 750

Pen: $ 0

Display: $ 125

CW: $ 0