CoBex Recorders Provides Accurate Recordings of Environmental Conditions for Commercial and Scientific Industries

CoBex Recorders Provide Precision Recording Technology

The integrity of your product, test or service depends on how accurately you measure the environmental conditions. You want measurements you can depend on and a permanent (printed) record of the activity.

You need to "know it now" and "know that it is right".  It's just that simple.

CoBex Recorders are precision technology for the capture, recording and management of data for effective results.

From Power Plants and HVAC Systems to hospitals and laboratories, CoBex Recorders provides the standard by which precision and accuracy are measured and reported.

Our recorders are used in blood banks, cryogenic freezers, environmental chambers, ovens, clean rooms, thermal oxidizers, automotive paint rooms, incubators, computer facilities... any place where environmental measurement is critical.