two control set-points (per pen) allows you to define HIGH and LOW process values that will open or close the relay contacts. Approximately five (5) seconds after you have finished adjusting the control set-point(s), the LED light will turn solid green and the pen arm will move to indicate the probe's value and the unit will begin recording.

Figure 5: Push buttons.



If the recorder that you are using has a range sticker (that lists several temperature ranges) mounted on the front of the chart plate, then the following section will apply to you.

This recording unit has the option for the user to select from several temperature or linear input "ranges" that are pre-programmed into the recorder at the factory.

Note: The chart paper that is used on the recording unit must match the range that is selected for the recorder. Otherwise, the pen's position on the chart paper will not correspond to the process value that is measured.

Also, if the pen moves to the center or outer graduation of the chart and remains there while the unit is powered on, then this maybe an indication that the current range that is selected for the unit is not correct. The recorder has a built-in safety mechanism that will always move the pen to the highest value on the chart when the process value that is measured is not within the selected range.

The recording unit can have up to eight (8) user selectable ranges programmed into the unit. To select from one of the available ranges, follow these instructions:

After the recording unit has been powered-on and is operating normally (recording temperature or some other variable), press and hold the "change chart" button (#3) for approximately one (1) second until the pen begins to move to the left and then release the button (refer to Figure 5). Wait until the pen has moved onto the pen lift ramp (if available) or near the edge of the chart paper and stops. Press and hold the left arrow (#1) or right arrow (#2) button for approximately eight (8) seconds and then release the button. Refer to Figure 5 for a diagram of the buttons.

The green LED light will begin flashing one (1) time if Range #1 is selected or will flash two (2) times if Range #2 is selected and so on. Press the left arrow button (#1) to increase the range number or press the right arrow button (#2) to decrease the range number that is selected for the recorder. When you have finished selecting the range, press and hold the "change chart" button (#3) until the pen begins to move back onto the chart and the selected range will be saved into the recorder's permanent memory.



There are no components of the recorder that require a scheduled maintenance. It is recommended returning non-functioning recording units in need of service to CoBex Recorders in order to repair unit back to factory specifications.



Input Voltage: Single Phase 115/230VAC
Maximum Input Current: 40mA/20mA
Input Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Battery Type: 9 Volt Alkaline
Low Battery Signaling: Flashing LED

0ºC-40ºC (32ºF-104ºF); 0-95% RH, Non-condensing
Pollution Degree: 2
Installation Category: II


REV(07/13) E

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