Important: DO NOT immerse a probe that is used to monitor humidity in any solution. This will damage the humidity sensor.

1. Place a Certified Test Thermometer(s) in a solution bottle(s) alongside the recorder's sensor probe(s).

2. Once the temperature has leveled out, compare the position of the pen on the recorder to the test thermometer's reading.

2a. For two (2) pen recorders, also compare the second thermometer's reading to the second pen of the recorder.

3. If an adjustment is required, use the left (#1) and right (#2) arrow push buttons on the recorder to calibrate (or move) the pen's position on the chart to correspond to the temperature of the solution. The arrow buttons must be held for approximately five (5) seconds before the pen will begin to move.

3a. For two (2) pen recorders, you must first select the pen that you wish to calibrate. This is done by pressing the left (#1) arrow button to select the red pen or the right (#2) arrow button to select the blue pen. The arrow button must be held down until the green LED light goes out. After the green LED light goes out, follow the instructions in step #3 above. (Refer to the following figure for a diagram of the push buttons).


Figure 4: Push buttons.



The green LED light remains a constant green color indicating that both the battery and the main AC power to the recording unit are good. Refer to Figure 6 for the location of the green LED indicating light.

When the main AC power fails or the battery becomes weak, the green LED light begins "flashing" indicating that either you have lost the main AC power to the recording unit or it is time to replace the battery.

The 9 Volt DC battery back-up allows the recorder to continue to function normally for a minimum of 24 hours in the event of a power failure.



4", 6" AND 10" RECORDERS

To replace the battery, first open the recorder door. The battery will be located in the upper right hand corner of the unit. Refer to Figure 6 for the location of the battery. Note: Use only NEW 9 Volt alkaline replacement batteries.



CAUTION! DO NOT TOUCH the terminals of the transformer while the unit is connected to the main AC power supply. To avoid the risk of possible electric shock, unplug or disconnect the recording unit from the main power supply before changing the battery.

To replace the battery on an 8" recorder, first open the recorder case door. Next, loosen the single screw located on the right hand side of the chart plate and open the hinged chart plate. The battery strap and battery holder are located on the back of the chart


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