All wiring must conform to appropriate standards of good practice and local codes and regulations. Wiring must be suitable for maximum voltage, current and temperature rating of the system. Unused control terminals should not be used as jumper points, as they may be internally connected, causing damage to the recording unit.

The recorder can operate on either 115 or 230VAC (50-60Hz) when the internal step-down transformer is installed in the recorder. Before connecting the main AC power wires to the recorder, make sure that the line voltage is OFF. Failure to observe this precaution can result in serious injury or death.

If a permanent connection to the main AC power supply is to be accomplished in the field, then refer to Figures 7A and 7B for diagrams showing the connection of a 115VAC (50-60Hz) or a 230VAC (50-60Hz) main power supply to the internally mounted step down transformer.

Note: All wires used to connect the recorder to the main AC power and PROTECTIVE EARTH GROUND must be 16-14AWG.

The recorder must be wired to PROTECTIVE EARTH GROUND to reduce the risk of shock or serious injury.

A ground stud, nut and locking washer have been provided on the back of the recorder's chart plate for this connection. Refer to the following diagram:

Figure 1: Connection to Protective Earth Ground.


Most of the recording units will already have a temperature sensing probe installed or external wires provided that are connected to the probe input terminals of the main microprocessor PC board of the recording unit.

If you will be supplying your own probe input device, then this next section will contain some important information concerning the connection of the probe sensor to the recorder. Refer to the Sensor Input information in the Recorder Specifications section of this manual for the specifications of the probes that can be used with this recording unit.

This recording unit is capable of accepting input from either a CURRENT source (4-20mA), a VOLTAGE source (0-1VDC, 0-5VDC, 1-5VDC or 0-10VDC) or a 100 ohm RTD probe. Note: The recorder is programmed (at the factory) to accept a specific probe input range. Connecting a probe that supplies the recorder with a current or voltage that is not within the specified range will give unpredictable results and may damage the recorder. If you are not sure of the probe type or input range for your recorder, please contact COBEX Recorders before continuing.

In order to connect the probe input device to the recorder, you may need to gain access to the main microprocessor PC board that is mounted to the back of the chart plate.

CAUTION! DO NOT TOUCH the terminals of the transformer while the unit is connected to the main AC power supply. To avoid the risk of possible electric shock, unplug or disconnect the recording unit from the main power supply before attempting to open the recorder. If the recorder is installed with the battery back-up option, disconnect the 9 Volt battery to avoid damaging the recorder and draining the battery.

On 6" inch recording units mounted in a metal enclosure, the chart plate on the recorder case is held by four (4) screws. Unscrew and gently remove the


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