The recorders manufactured by CoBex Recorders are available in single and dual pen versions. The dual pen version allows monitoring and recording of up to two independent processes with one recorder. The variety of input signal types, coupled with ease of use make these recorders ideal monitoring devices. Inherent reliability and precision assure accurate results. These recorders are well suited for the measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, force, level, time of operation, carbon dioxide, PH and multiple voltage/current signals. Microprocessor based electronic sensing and pen actuation assure an accurate and robust unit.

Note: Using this recorder is a manner not specified by this document can impair the protection provided by the recorder.



The following symbols appear throughout this manual and on the recorder:

Caution! CAUTION: This symbol on the equipment refers the user to this product manual for additional information.

PROTECTIVE EARTH GROUND: Grounding of this recorder shall be in accordance with national and local electrical codes. Wires connected to this terminal will be color coded GREEN or GREEN with a YELLOW stripe.



Upon unpacking, find a suitable location to mount the unit before plugging it in. Do not lift or carry the recorder by the attached probes, power cord or AC adaptor. Carrying the recorder in this manner could cause damage.

Select a location that is well lighted, free from dust, dirt and corrosive fumes. The instrument should not be located near any sources of heat or be subjected to sudden or extreme temperature changes. It should be mounted on a rigid support that is not subject to vibration. It should also be mounted in a position so that it is not difficult to operate the disconnecting device for the recorder. Refer to Figures 8 and 9 for recorder case dimensions and flush mounted panel cut-out dimensions.

If the recorder does become dusty, provide a positive "clean air purge" to minimize the accumulation of dust particles on the chart plate, paper and pen. Always keep the door closed while recording. No ventilation is required for the recorder.

The safety of any system incorporating this unit is the responsibility of the assembler of the system.



The recorder uses AC power when the unit is operating normally. Most recorders will have either an AC power cord or a plug-in AC adaptor for connection to the main AC power supply. After the recorder has been connected to AC line power, connect the 9 volt battery to the battery strap and place the battery in its holder (if your unit is equipped with an optional battery back-up).

It is the responsibility of the installer to provide either a circuit breaker or a disconnect switch and non-time delay, quick-acting, high breaking capacity, Type F, 250V (0.5AMP) fuse. The circuit breaker or switch must be located in close proximity to the recorder, within easy reach of the operator and shall be marked as the disconnecting device for the recorder.

The following instructions apply to recorders that will be hard wired to AC power.

Caution! CAUTION! All wiring and access to the internal components of the recording unit is only to be performed by trained personnel.


REV(07/13) E

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